With my guitar broken, it looks like the albums we are working on are on hold.

We will be recording some more vocals for the tracks we have ready very soon. The goal is to get at least one more album out by the end of the year. We are still working on the title.



New DOA site

Yes, yet another website for Disappearance of Anna. This time we are using paid hosting, so it will be permanent. There will be more to come; music, videos and exclusive content. Stay tuned.

- DL

as if the end were upon us

Today we releaced a new single, “asleep in the rain.” Currently the album is only available on Jamendo:

We will be releasing the album on next week.

This single is a precursor to our next album, which will be a more acoustic sounding. The two main songs are more religious in nature, focusing on the search for God and questioning traditional thoughts of the after life. We hope you enjoy.


“asleep in the rain” is the single for the song with the same name from Disappearance of Anna’s upcoming album. “asleep in the rain (lonely path mix)” and “as if the end were upon us (end of the world mix) are remixes of songs from the upcoming album. “on the inside (souls marching mix) is a remix of the song with the same name from “the Brighter Side of Terror,” DOA’s first full length album. “as if the end were upon us (quiet dub)” is the original music for this song, before final mixing. “asleep in the rain (lonely guitar mix)” is originally from the single “in the garden of my mind” and DOA’s second album, “Violent Lullabies (and other songs for children)” with vocals added.

All songs were written, recorded and preformed by Disappearance of Anna, which consists of David Logan and Dave Williams. Art work from the cover was created by controltheweb titled After the rain, lined up in the fog. This art was modified by the Mourn. All other art was created by the Mourn.

Forward Motion

We may not be putting out singles for a while. We are currently putting together 3 new albums – yes that is right, 3 new albums. We are also woking on new music videos and finding a new home for our web site. The host we were using kicked us off.


We decided to hold off on releasing a single this month. We stopped working on it so we could make a music video for “last in line” instead.

The video was made from 2 US government propaganda movies that are now in the public domain. The mix was previously unreleased – the “prelude to war” mix. The idea behind the video is that we, as a race, pass war and violence on to our children. It does not matter where you are from, every country seems to have their own propaganda to fuel the machine of war.

- DL


Work is progressing on the latest single. This one looks like it will have remixes of 5 songs, some from Terror some from Lullabies. The only one I can say for sure at this point is a new mix of “on the inside.” There will most likely not be anything new on this one, but it is sounding very promising so far.

DOA is now on All albums on Jamendo are also there. They are still CC licenced and free, we make no money from Although you can get/download our music there free, but we would rather you download them from Jamendo. All albums/singles will be on Jamendo first, then a few days later. If you subscribe to, please stop buy and tag us.

- DL


We tried something different and now it is back to business as usual. “Lullabies” is really just remixes of trax we have yet to finish and remixes of music from “Terror.” We thought we would mix it up a bit with some gothic-techno but we miss the vocals and guitars. We are working on our next album and will have a number of singles to share while you are waiting. We would like to know, which do you prefer? Te goth-techno sounds of “Lullabies” and our new single, “haunting me,” or the more industrial sound of “Terror” and “collectively silent?” “CS” (as we call it) is our most popular song, so I am going to guess the latter.Any opinions?

- DL

New Leaf

Our site is up –

Due to all the stuff we had going on in January trying to get the site up and a single done, we had to run behind on something. We made 3 different side designs before settling for the one we have up now.

We uploaded a new single – “haunting me” for February. It has 4 new tracks, all remixes of “haunting me.” There is one for everyone – a techno mix, an instrumental, industrial, and even one with spoken poetry. Be sure to check it out.

- DL

Year Zero

We finally found a new web host. For anyone looking for a free web host:

800 mb of free space, 20 gigs of free traffic, 10 MySQL databases, 10 subdomains, PHP, FTP and AD FREE.

The guy running it also has a free forum host:

Both have their own forums for free support.

We hope to have the DOA site back up by the end of the month.
- DL

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