Lullabies has been moderated, but at this point it is more of a “songs to bring in the new year” than “just in time for Christmas.” When first putting the album together the idea was just to re-mix some stuff we have been working on for a nice vocal-less album. What came out was much [...]

New music

As much as I wanted to release a new single in December, I could not get the vocals recorded, so Dave and I opted to release a full album of music instead. Over half of the album is completely new material, the rest are re-mixes of songs from “the Brighter Side of Terror” and there [...]

Still on one crutch

It looks like our web host is finally getting things fixed. Our site has been down for almost 6 months now. For $10 a year, I cannot complain. I am hoping to have the old site running again this week and the new site up by the end of the year.

- DL