DOA is now on All albums on Jamendo are also there. They are still CC licenced and free, we make no money from Although you can get/download our music there free, but we would rather you download them from Jamendo. All albums/singles will be on Jamendo first, then a few days later. [...]


We tried something different and now it is back to business as usual. “Lullabies” is really just remixes of trax we have yet to finish and remixes of music from “Terror.” We thought we would mix it up a bit with some gothic-techno but we miss the vocals and guitars. We are working on our [...]

New Leaf

Our site is up –
Due to all the stuff we had going on in January trying to get the site up and a single done, we had to run behind on something. We made 3 different side designs before settling for the one we have up now.
We uploaded a new single – “haunting [...]